Links I Like – August 16 2013

This baby panda is adorable. 20 historic photos, now with color. Jack Handy invented Twitter. I really hope that Simon Pegg will be Ant Man. The best engagement photos ever. It’s always sunny on Tatooine. Aaron Paul did an AMA. … Continue reading

Links I Like: December 21 2012

There’s an honest-to-god super hero registry.  A “Kids in the Hall” sketch about man boobs. A viral video about viral videos. This is how the world ends. The most important GIFs of 2012. Hey, it’s a Power Rangers Christmas! NRA … Continue reading

Instagram’s Insta-Scam

I know, I know, great title. The Internet was upset yesterday, mostly over an update to the terms of service offered by photo sharing giant Instagram. The bit that seems to have everyone so angry is as follows: To help … Continue reading

The Patron Saint of Twitter

It was announced yesterday that the Pope, Benedict XVI, was coming to Twitter. He’s yet to post any update, but I’m sure it’s going to instantly go viral. This is a big deal, because it’s the head of an ancient religion signing … Continue reading

Social Media Marketing: An Idiot’s Guide

Marketing on Facebook is an interesting and often ill-defined thing. A business is likely to create a Facebook page hastily, without a real strategy, and then expect results to develop quickly. A key to understanding social media is to first … Continue reading

The Bland Necessity of Perfection

A note on the story. This is a piece I wrote for the ‘We Brave Kids’ project. There is some language and a few adult themes, though it is a comedy and I hope it’s got at least one or two morals.  … Continue reading

Links I Like: October 26 2012

Fonts are really, really important. These lame Republicans tried to copy the Dollar Shave Club video. FINALLY, a computer made for dumb broads. The most magical breakfast ever. Sweet etch-a-sketch art. Seriously awesome. This robot would RUIN any dance party. … Continue reading

Blogs from Work: Self Branding Pt. 2

When developing a marketing campaign, we often develop a brand voice. Basically, this is a conscious effort to strategically design the way a brand will sound to their audience. For example, if the brand we are working with sells children’s toys, then … Continue reading

Links I Like: September 21, 2012

Did you know that Canada has an official super hero? I think his name is racist. “Why We Procrastinate, And How to Stop it,” a video that you can watch later. Beautiful images of science are, well, beautiful. Sexual health charity raises … Continue reading