Megan Jean and the KFB – Live in Chattanooga

Megan Jean and the Klay Family Band take the stage well after midnight. She’s wearing striped pants that make her look like a pirate—and I have no option other than to believe she is actually a pirate—and Byrne (the one man Klay Family Band) … Continue reading

Our Last Year – A Blog from January 1 2012

I started a Tumblr on the first day of 2012, thinking I’d blog the apocalypse. Well, much like the Mayan prediction, my Tumblr was a bit of a let down. I’ve only recently returned to it, using it as a … Continue reading

The Green Door Trading Co.

It’s hard to find a marketer who understands social media, because it’s hard to find a marketer who understands that social media is different. The relationship between product and advertisement, and advertisement and audience — in traditional advertising — is … Continue reading

The Catbird Seat

The last thing they served us was an egg-shell filled with custard and topped with the world’s thinnest piece of bacon. The Sommelier poured us another drink of something perfect as the night finally closed into a blurry conclusion. I was at … Continue reading

We Brave Kids – An Open Letter To Cleveland

This is the letter I wrote to those involved with “We Brave Kids.” It explains what the project is and what it will become.  Kids, I have an idea for a project, I believe I drunkenly detailed it to a … Continue reading