Instagram’s Insta-Scam

I know, I know, great title. The Internet was upset yesterday, mostly over an update to the terms of service offered by photo sharing giant Instagram. The bit that seems to have everyone so angry is as follows: To help … Continue reading

The Patron Saint of Twitter

It was announced yesterday that the Pope, Benedict XVI, was coming to Twitter. He’s yet to post any update, but I’m sure it’s going to instantly go viral. This is a big deal, because it’s the head of an ancient religion signing … Continue reading

Gmail’s 57th Language

Gmail has added a 57th language to their available selection, and it’s a pretty interesting choice: Cherokee. Here’s a bit from the Gmail blog: After a 2002 survey of the Oklahoma Cherokee population found that no one under 40 spoke … Continue reading

The QR Documentary

My friend John is a filmaker, you may remember him from Reel Old School, a documentary I did some artwork for a few weeks back. He recently started working on a new documentary that focuses on QR codes, aptly titled “The QR … Continue reading

Links I Like: September 28 2012

Did Motorola fake an address to make Apple look bad? Urban Outfitters is going to stop buying cash registers, which is OK, because Hipsters never have money. At least Facebook isn’t tracking us again, right? Right? RIGHT? Well, here’s a … Continue reading

Links I Like: September 7, 2012

The New Yorker can’t make up their mind about Lana Wachowskis‘ gentiles. Speaking of Coud Atlas, here’s the full theatrical trailer. Prepare to cry. These are the best instances of shameful misidentifications on Facebook. Are today’s millennials the screwed generation? I think so. This … Continue reading

Nerd Blog:

The “Nerd Blog” is my time to completely nerd out over any Internet thing that I might otherwise lack the opportunity to gush over. I want to be transparent. I am a comic book nerd. Is that a surprise to … Continue reading