Daisy Ridley – LifeSaver


All of the nerds on all of the Internet are a-buzz with speculation now that the official cast of Star Wars Episode VII has been released. There are the obvious choices—the Fords and the Hamills and the Fishers—but there’s an interesting variety of newcomers. One of which is the ever-mysterious Daisy Ridley, an actress with no evident past. 

That is, of course, except for a clip from UNIT9. Check it out after the jump. 

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Links I Like – August 16 2013

This baby panda is adorable. 20 historic photos, now with color. Jack Handy invented Twitter. I really hope that Simon Pegg will be Ant Man. The best engagement photos ever. It’s always sunny on Tatooine. Aaron Paul did an AMA. … Continue reading

Links I Like – July 12 2013

The most adorkable video ever? A great video if you loved the Power Rangers/are a virgin. A funny review of one of the best worst games ever. The original “Blurred Lines.” The best robots ever. A sing along in the … Continue reading

Links I Like – July 5 2013

Best. Maid of Honor. Ever. A royalty free tribute to America. Ho Hey! With Harry Carey. The best lines from Army of Darkness. A pretty great Star Wars low-fi thing. Pretty Great. Hulk Smash cars! William Shakespeare, Jedi. Paula Deen apologizes. … Continue reading

Links I Like, April 19 2013

The most productive cat in the world. Make a Daft Punk helmet, like a boss. Allison Brie makes memes with her face. A pretty cool Iron Man thing, for nerds. Speaking of Iron Man, Mark Ruffalo just learned about Science Bros. … Continue reading

Saga, by Brian K. Vaughan

Saga has been recommended to me by people who know comics, but even more interestingly, it was recommended to me by my cousin who’s never read comics. Ever. But still, he was emphatic, even going so far as to call me specifically and tell me … Continue reading

Links I Like: August 31, 2012

It’s Friday, and that means it’s time to relax. Here are the best links on the Internet (this week). Gun Show teaches us how to love butts, again. Obama got on Reddit, the Internet is not complete. Speaking of singularity, … Continue reading