Strange Mercies – An Adaptation

I’m very interested in adaptations. I think the work of translating one medium into another is always interesting and usually worth experiencing. Last year a good friend of mine adapted a short story I had written. It’s the first time … Continue reading

Instagram’s Insta-Scam

I know, I know, great title. The Internet was upset yesterday, mostly over an update to the terms of service offered by photo sharing giant Instagram. The bit that seems to have everyone so angry is as follows: To help … Continue reading

The Adventure is Inside of Us – My thoughts on “Model Wife.”

Sometimes I find things on the Internet, some times things on the Internet find me. I’ve been watching Model Wife all evening, a web show about “a normal guy, his supermodel wife, and their two neighbors.” It’s the classic Kevin … Continue reading

The Patron Saint of Twitter

It was announced yesterday that the Pope, Benedict XVI, was coming to Twitter. He’s yet to post any update, but I’m sure it’s going to instantly go viral. This is a big deal, because it’s the head of an ancient religion signing … Continue reading