Links I Like – August 16 2013

This baby panda is adorable. 20 historic photos, now with color. Jack Handy invented Twitter. I really hope that Simon Pegg will be Ant Man. The best engagement photos ever. It’s always sunny on Tatooine. Aaron Paul did an AMA. … Continue reading

Links And Lols with Louise + Dave P

Links and Lols is a conversation series in which Louise, my fellow editor, and I deconstruct the very finest parts of the Internet. Enjoy.  DAVE P: The Internet is a weird and wonderful place. Many of us forget the early … Continue reading

Links I Like: August 31, 2012

It’s Friday, and that means it’s time to relax. Here are the best links on the Internet (this week). Gun Show teaches us how to love butts, again. Obama got on Reddit, the Internet is not complete. Speaking of singularity, … Continue reading