The Webby Awards: UNIT9

UNIT9 has several projects nominated in the 18th annual Webby Awards. While I did not work on any of these projects personally, I am proud to know and work along side those who did. Check out what we’ve got going after the jump (and then VOTE!).

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Links I Like, January 18 2012

What IS Ryan Goslings perfect day? Knitting.  Hey, Lindsay Lohan is a terrible actress. Olympic GOLD. Do you like dogs or cats? What it sounds like when the Fresh Prince gets fresh. The future is now. How to tie a … Continue reading

The Oscars 2013

Going to the theater is one of the most consistently fulfilling experiences I can think of. I’ll enjoy a movie even if it has almost no redeeming value, which likely makes me an ineffective critic. That said, I see a lot of movies, … Continue reading

Links I Like: January 11 2013

A live action “Sonic the Hedgehog” movie. It’s awesome.  “Tin Tin Vs. Dragonball Z” – Exactly what it sounds like. Typography is pretty. Horrifying test footage from Star Trek. The Dark Knight Trilogy, in three minutes. A happy baby hippo. … Continue reading

Strange Mercies – An Adaptation

I’m very interested in adaptations. I think the work of translating one medium into another is always interesting and usually worth experiencing. Last year a good friend of mine adapted a short story I had written. It’s the first time … Continue reading

Links I Like: December 7 2012

I love the Pumpkin Spice Latte. Here are some instructions on how to murder your facial hair. This movie mash up will move you. This puppy is SO SLEEPY. A classic Sonic the Hedgehog comic. Remember Steve Martin? Remember British … Continue reading

Nerd Blog: Nerdist

This is the first nerd blog I ever wrote. I think it shows in the writing that I was just beginning to find my voice. I’ll say, I’m equal parts proud and embarrassed by this one, even if it IS about a … Continue reading

Links I Like: September 28 2012

Did Motorola fake an address to make Apple look bad? Urban Outfitters is going to stop buying cash registers, which is OK, because Hipsters never have money. At least Facebook isn’t tracking us again, right? Right? RIGHT? Well, here’s a … Continue reading