Fund This: Nepal Children’s Art Museum


I have this friend who is very talented with a camera. He also lives in Nepal. He and his friends are trying to bring an Art Museum to Nepal, for children. It’s an extremely nobel pursuit, and one that’s very close to my heart. Bringing art to children is imperative, even though it seems silly (but in all likely hood, because  it is silly). Take a look:

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The How & Why of Social Media ROI, part 2.

The second in a series of articles for work, focusing on social media ROI and attribution. Please click through the hyperlink below to read the first article on my company’s blog.  How to Measure Social Media Effectiveness Every business is … Continue reading

A Doodle About Google (for Work)

The Search Giant Cuts Back Google let 4,000 Motorola employees go on Monday. The company was purchased by Google for $2.5 billion and remains the largest manufacturer of Android devices. → David Pemberton, Editor, Social Media + PR, AREA203 Digital; follow… @Dave_Your_Fave