Thor: God of Thunder – Issue 3

I’m still surprised by the quality of Thor: God of Thunder. Jason Aaron writes as the series as if he’d created it. Maybe that’s because he works so hard to make it his own, because Aaron’s Thor is something different and … Continue reading

Thor, God of Thunder – Issue 2

Most mainstream comics suffer from inadequate pacing. Most issues do very little with large ideas, kind of rushing through the narrative in a way that can really hurt the story. That’s why I prefer to read most Marvel or DC … Continue reading

Links I Like: October 19 2012

The next “Wolverine” movie is set in Japan, where the titular character is trained in Gangam style. A man get’s COMPLETELY OWNED by this british lady, who is talking about menstruation. These may be the most disturbing home offices on … Continue reading

A Simple Resume

I think resumés are very interesting. They’re supposed to be snapshots of a professional life, a quick read of your work history. It’s traditionally a formal document that does nothing but communicate base facts; what you did and when you did … Continue reading