Links I Like – August 16 2013

This baby panda is adorable. 20 historic photos, now with color. Jack Handy invented Twitter. I really hope that Simon Pegg will be Ant Man. The best engagement photos ever. It’s always sunny on Tatooine. Aaron Paul did an AMA. … Continue reading

The Patron Saint of Twitter

It was announced yesterday that the Pope, Benedict XVI, was coming to Twitter. He’s yet to post any update, but I’m sure it’s going to instantly go viral. This is a big deal, because it’s the head of an ancient religion signing … Continue reading

Gmail’s 57th Language

Gmail has added a 57th language to their available selection, and it’s a pretty interesting choice: Cherokee. Here’s a bit from the Gmail blog: After a 2002 survey of the Oklahoma Cherokee population found that no one under 40 spoke … Continue reading

Links I Like: October 19 2012

The next “Wolverine” movie is set in Japan, where the titular character is trained in Gangam style. A man get’s COMPLETELY OWNED by this british lady, who is talking about menstruation. These may be the most disturbing home offices on … Continue reading

The How & Why of Social Media ROI, part 2.

The second in a series of articles for work, focusing on social media ROI and attribution. Please click through the hyperlink below to read the first article on my company’s blog.  How to Measure Social Media Effectiveness Every business is … Continue reading

MySpace is Bringing Sexy Back

MySpace, the old Internet standard that brought so many of us young, savvy kids off the playground and into the Internet, has returned. In all sincerity, the newly designed platform is impressive. Taking a cue from popular trends, the new MySpace … Continue reading

Links I Like: October 5 2012

Avengers Vs X-Men has finally ended. I’ve not read issue 12 yet so DO NOT SPOIL IT FOR ME. Are any of James Bond’s gadgets realistic? Yes. Yes several of them are. Google will not manually check YouTube videos for infringement. So, … Continue reading

Links I Like: September 28 2012

Did Motorola fake an address to make Apple look bad? Urban Outfitters is going to stop buying cash registers, which is OK, because Hipsters never have money. At least Facebook isn’t tracking us again, right? Right? RIGHT? Well, here’s a … Continue reading

Articles from Work – Does Your Company Need Facebook?

For a business, making the decision to join Facebook may seem easy. Social media is an important part of an effective marketing strategy, one that should include SEO, email, and even print or other traditional media. Many businesses make the … Continue reading