A Short History of the GIF

It’s no secret that I love GIFs. I think they’re one of the most entertaining things about the Internet. The culture surrounding GIFs is unique, due in part to their user-generated nature. There’s this sense of humor involved in GIFs that makes them highly … Continue reading

Blogs from Work: Self Branding Pt. 2

When developing a marketing campaign, we often develop a brand voice. Basically, this is a conscious effort to strategically design the way a brand will sound to their audience. For example, if the brand we are working with sells children’s toys, then … Continue reading

Reel Old School – DVD Release

I drew a poster for a screening of Reel Old School a few weeks back. It’s a documentary that focuses on the recording industry, specifically the tension between analog and digital recording. I was also fortunate enough to help with … Continue reading

Articles from Work – Self Branding: A Logo

I’ve already talked a lot about self branding here on Boy Android, but this is an article I wrote for work that takes a more in-depth look at creating a personal brand.  Branding is one of the services we offer … Continue reading