The Webby Awards: UNIT9

UNIT9 has several projects nominated in the 18th annual Webby Awards. While I did not work on any of these projects personally, I am proud to know and work along side those who did. Check out what we’ve got going after the jump (and then VOTE!).

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Comics from Work: Facebook Ads Couple’s Pages

Facebook recently announced an update that would include a new kind of social media presence: the couples page. These new layouts “combine posts, photos and events that you and another person have shared.” To activate, “Click the gear menu at the … Continue reading

The QR Documentary

My friend John is a filmaker, you may remember him from Reel Old School, a documentary I did some artwork for a few weeks back. He recently started working on a new documentary that focuses on QR codes, aptly titled “The QR … Continue reading

The How & Why of Social Media ROI, part 2.

The second in a series of articles for work, focusing on social media ROI and attribution. Please click through the hyperlink below to read the first article on my company’s blog.  How to Measure Social Media Effectiveness Every business is … Continue reading

Articles from Work – Does Your Company Need Facebook?

For a business, making the decision to join Facebook may seem easy. Social media is an important part of an effective marketing strategy, one that should include SEO, email, and even print or other traditional media. Many businesses make the … Continue reading

A Portrait of the Internet – Clare Eiluned

It doesn’t happen often, but every once in awhile, someone from the Internet asks me to draw them. Clare Tweeted at me and, in turn, I holla’d back’d. Here’s the drawing I made of her in three different varieties. First, black and … Continue reading

Articles From Work: Coca Cola, Now Selling Joy

I bought a Coca-Cola yesterday. Sure, that might not seem like a noteworthy event, but you have to consider that I haven’t bought a Coke in about 5 years. I lost about 90 pounds when I was in college, partially … Continue reading

Articles from work: No Such Thing As a Bad Hashtag

The 2012 Summer Games are being hailed as history’s first “Social Olympics.” In an attempt to adapt to this new market, NBC live tweeted the opening ceremony. The interesting thing, of course, is that NBC’s broadcast was delayed. The world’s microbloggers … Continue reading