“Dave is an excellent writer, innovator, tactician and digital connoisseur. He combines laser-focus with endless creativity when approaching any and all tasks. Combine this with his sense of humor and knowledge of shifting technologies and you’re left with one hell of colleague. I strongly recommend him for any position in his future.”

Matt Honkonen, Business Development at Designsensory 

“David has an exceptional creative spirit and work ethic. He is an essential part of the Social Media + PR team at AREA203, and he always brings the best ideas to the table. David is a pleasure to work with, and I’m thrilled that he’s part of our team!”

Christina Cheatwood, Senior Editor at AREA203 Digital 

“David is a creative force like no other. He takes the mundane and average and presents them in a way that creates intrigue and interest. His use of wit makes any topic something worth sharing. Whenever I have a piece of content that needs to captivate an audience and pierce through the minutia of mediocre prose, David is the first person I call. And if he isn’t available, I wait. He’s just that valuable.”

James Laws, Owner at WP Ninjas 

“I’ve had the pleasure with of working with Dave both as an artist and a journalist, and in every case the quality of his work has far exceeded my expectations. His knowledge of popular culture, his sense of humor and the consistently high quality of his work makes Dave not only one of my favorite folks to collaborate with but also a powerful weapon to have in my arsenal of writers and contributors. Add all this together with his friendly demeanor and the genuine enthusiasm he brings to each project and you’ve got a guy that will be a serious asset to any one lucky enough to work with him.”

Chris Dortch, Film Editor at Pork & Mead Magazine 

“David is a creative, reliable young professional that I enjoyed having at Kutenda. Anyone would benefit from having him on their team.”

Mike Cooch, CEO at Kutenda Web Marketing

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