Daisy Ridley – LifeSaver


All of the nerds on all of the Internet are a-buzz with speculation now that the official cast of Star Wars Episode VII has been released. There are the obvious choices—the Fords and the Hamills and the Fishers—but there’s an interesting variety of newcomers. One of which is the ever-mysterious Daisy Ridley, an actress with no evident past. 

That is, of course, except for a clip from UNIT9. Check it out after the jump. 

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Links I Like, April 19 2013

The most productive cat in the world. Make a Daft Punk helmet, like a boss. Allison Brie makes memes with her face. A pretty cool Iron Man thing, for nerds. Speaking of Iron Man, Mark Ruffalo just learned about Science Bros. … Continue reading

Links I Like – April 12 2013

  These cats are ballin’ The best Batman ad ever. EVER. Lindsay Lohan (SFW) guys. This is how Mega Man naps. The new Arrested Development ads are confusing (for noobs). Cookie Monster is an asshat. Doctor Who talks about tea. … Continue reading

Paradigms – The Long Way

  Paradigms music is easily described as cinematic, a composition of lush sounds and smooth vocals, talented guitars and the occasional (if not purposeful) inclusion of bells. All things considered, The Long Way EP is reminiscent of a movie’s soundtrack—a good move—something artistic and … Continue reading

Links I Like: December 21 2012

There’s an honest-to-god super hero registry.  A “Kids in the Hall” sketch about man boobs. A viral video about viral videos. This is how the world ends. The most important GIFs of 2012. Hey, it’s a Power Rangers Christmas! NRA … Continue reading

New York, New York (Day Three)

I was on the street by nine forty five, which was a surprise. I walked towards Grand Central station not knowing exactly where it was. I arrived at to what I assumed it was, an ice rink out side filled with … Continue reading