The Oscars 2013

Going to the theater is one of the most consistently fulfilling experiences I can think of. I’ll enjoy a movie even if it has almost no redeeming value, which likely makes me an ineffective critic. That said, I see a lot of movies, … Continue reading

Strange Mercies – An Adaptation

I’m very interested in adaptations. I think the work of translating one medium into another is always interesting and usually worth experiencing. Last year a good friend of mine adapted a short story I had written. It’s the first time … Continue reading

YouTube Rewind 2012

YouTube released a video earlier today that is, weirdly, very touching. It’s a rewind of the most viral videos that were uploaded in 2012, cut with brand new footage, featuring several YouTube stars. It’s kind of amazing to see Psy, … Continue reading

Fishing For Compliments – Life of Pi

The Life of Pi was, in my opinion, an adept adaptation. Ang Lee surprised me by honestly portraying the novel in a fair way. One of the strengths of the film was color, something that Lee seemed to capture almost … Continue reading

A Short Film From College: Zombies Episode 3, part 2

This is the THRILLING conclusion to Zombies Episode 3, Part 1. Do Ace and Butch know they’r Zombies? Will they be able to live a full life as the living dead? What about rent? What about Stacey? All of your questions … Continue reading

Sugar Boy – Chip Lockder: Crime Doctor

The Above Average YouTube channel launched a new series called Sugar Boy earlier this week. For those of you who don’t know, Above Average is a new project from the people at Broadway Video. They produce short form comedy, including actors and … Continue reading

A Short Film From College: Zombies Episode 3, part 1

Continuing with the series of short films I’ve been posting this week, here’s episode 3 of Zombies. Because of YouTube’s then relevant length restrictions, we had to split episode 3 into two parts. This was, by far, the grossest episode to … Continue reading