Fund This: Nepal Children’s Art Museum


I have this friend who is very talented with a camera. He also lives in Nepal. He and his friends are trying to bring an Art Museum to Nepal, for children. It’s an extremely nobel pursuit, and one that’s very close to my heart. Bringing art to children is imperative, even though it seems silly (but in all likely hood, because  it is silly). Take a look:

Here’s what he and his friends have to say about their project:

Nepal Children’s Art Museum (NCAM) will be based in Kathmandu, Nepal. In conjunction with public schools, private schools, several community organizations and local artists, it will be the first sustainable art space for Nepali children and youth.

The museum will start out with a two room space that will serve as an exhibition space and an education room with a mini library, a media corner with a projector to screen educational and exciting documentaries every Saturday morning for free and a workshop space fully stocked with art supplies.

Please, if you can, bring art to the children of Nepal. You can give money here.


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