Low Standard for a Friday Night – M14 Limited Week


By Joseph Cain

So I took a break from my column to play in limited events because M14 was launched. While I don’t think M14 is a good money set, it is pretty fun to play limited and great for newer players. I thought I’d share my experience playing three separate limited events over the past week or so at Epikos, a local card store in Chattanooga.

First of all, based on my experience is you are drafting or playing sealed if you pull one of these three cards you HAVE to play them because you should win if you untap with them: Jace Memory Adept, Archangel of Thune, and Kalonian Hydra. I was fortunate enough to pull and Archangel of Thune at the prerelease event Saturday and I won every game I untapped with it. It was also a foil, so I put that sucker on eBay and got a cool $45 for it before the prerelease was even over so it was a good day. I personally feel Archangel and Hydra are both over valued right now and shouldn’t be worth $20+ but they do kill in limited. Saturday and Sunday I played sealed and the following Friday I drafted for the first time with M14 in the launch event at Epikos.

saturday deck

Saturday Deck

My record for the Saturday event was my worst of the three: I was 3-3. I had a good pool- Primeval Bounty, Archangel of Thune and a Scavenging Ooze for bombs, but almost no removal. I misplayed horribly and just lost to a couple of better decks. That being said, I can’t complain- I pulled great money cards, had fun and finished in the top 16. I have included pictures of my white/green deck and my pool of unused cards. Feel free to let me know how you would have done it differently.

Sunday I played much more competitively. I went Simic and had plenty of fliers, another Primeval Bounty and a Colossal Whale as well as some ramp to play him early. Colossal Whale is a great limited bomb and I was able to give him flying most of the time so he cleaned house when I untapped with him. I didn’t lose a single game all day, much less a round. My official record was 4-0-1 but that’s because I gave my friend a draw after 2-0ing him. I officially finished second and split the prize pool. I have included the blue/green deck and my unused card pool. Did I get it right this time?

sunday deck

Finally, the following Friday was the M14 Launch event. The official event was a draft. For the first pack in a draft, I almost never commit to a color. I just draw any bombs I see and all the removal. If I don’t see either of those I’m just going to grab the best creature. I’m also not above grabbing a money card. My rare in the first pack was Lifebane Zombie and my rare in the second pack was Scavenging Ooze so I was thinking I might be looking at Golgari. However, in the next three picks I was passed two Corrupts so I decided to go for consistency and try for monoblack. I had picked up a couple of the new cockatrices in my first pack so I thought I stood a chance. When it was all said and done I had a strong monoblack deck with a great curve that was all creatures and removal. I had a great night and went 3-0 going into the finals. As there was only one other undefeated player, he and I took the certain path to prizes and drew in giving me the final record of 3-0-1 and a first place victory. Happy day!

All in all, I had a blast but I’m ready to get back to my janky deck making and take on your challenges. I’m running the Staff of Nin/Keyrunes deck for this week and then I will report my results in next week’s article. Stay tuned and keep sending your suggestions (post them in the comments below or email josephcain1981@gmail.com). See you at Epikos this Friday!


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