Act Your Age and Collect Your Wage – The Raptors



Some people say that punk is dead. But that’s the great thing about punk, isn’t it? It will never die. As long as there is someone, somewhere in the world, who owns a guitar and hates their job, there will be punk. It is perennial with the Earth. Proof of this is the seemingly anachronistic punk group known as The Raptors. Clever girl.

Well, they’re actually a bunch of guys (couldn’t help with the Jurassic Park reference, though). Their latest album, Act Your Age and Collect Your Wage is an aptly titled five track exploration of classic punk aesthetics. First, a moment to enjoy the title itself. It’s very clever, it’s really actually quite classic. It’s the kind of album title that sums up the general disdain that punk culture creates when faced with the over arching capitalist culture that’s so widely prevalent.  Act Your Age and Collect Your Wage, grow up, get a job, pay your bills, become a part of the system.

To read the rest of the article, and to hear the band, GO HERE.


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