Megan Jean and the KFB – Live in Chattanooga

IMG_5845 double exposure

Megan Jean and the Klay Family Band take the stage well after midnight. She’s wearing striped pants that make her look like a pirate—and I have no option other than to believe she is actually a pirate—and Byrne (the one man Klay Family Band) has sharpened his beard to a point that makes him look like a younger, happier, Rasputin. “Our first song is dedicated to an old friend, a hobo,” says Megan Jean. “He died falling off a train. He was probably high as hell.”

They start playing “The Dead Show,” strumming and stomping and wailing wildly. The two produce more quality sound than any act that’s played before them. The stage is flooded in red light and everything glows like a portal to hell. Megan Jean’s voice is dark, sultry and powerful, full and unmatched, a perfect instrument that she plays without fault. She sticks her tongue out and I’m surprised it isn’t forked.

To read the full review, and to listen to The Devil Herself, go here.


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