Paradigms – The Long Way



Paradigms music is easily described as cinematic, a composition of lush sounds and smooth vocals, talented guitars and the occasional (if not purposeful) inclusion of bells. All things considered, The Long Way EP is reminiscent of a movie’s soundtrack—a good move—something artistic and grand. There are moments where the EP feels like running, or like a circus, or like a slow waltz, it’s almost visual. Whether it means to or not, The Long Way is an EP that tells a story. What’s most enjoyable, similarly with most great art, is that Paradigms leave that story up to interpretation. It’s narrative in nature, but it’s still open.

Try listening to The Long Way EP without imagining a movie’s trailer. It’s almost impossible.

If you’d like to read more about Paradigms, or to hear their EP, you can do so here.


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