WordisBornListening to Eli Whitney & The Sound Machine is like having a conversation with Pony Boy. It’s something from your past, your childhood, not all together relevant but still important. It’s like a living momento, if that makes sense, a way to remember why you fell in love. Of course, on their latest album (simply titled Mickey), we’re reminded what it was like to be punk.

Call it nostalgia, call it longing, call it whatever you want, but Mickey is an engaging and colorful album. The first track, “My Response To A Stephen Jerzak Concert” is perhaps the most ska-heavy. It’s fast, it’s dirty, it’s honest. The vocals aren’t very impressive, by way of your average music criticism. However, their inability to sing “well” is one of Eli Whitney’s most endearing qualities.

To read the full review, and to listen to the band, check out WordKrapht.com


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