Antiquarian – Assorted Pieces EP


A lot of thought has gone into the Assorted Pieces EP, the debut work from a digital artist by the name of _antiquarian_. It’s not long, but it is massive. Think of it like a big resounding love letter, written to some personal thesis on how the world works. Sure, it doesn’t make a lot of sense, but maybe that’s the point.

Good art requires interpretation. There’s a relationship between the artist and the art, and then the art and its audience. What _antiquarian_ does well, perhaps most of all, is creating an audible landscape that’s as suggestive as it is blank. In listening, you get a glimpse of his relationship to the craft, but you’re also left to your own assumptions. It’s not an easy thing to do with music, especially in an age where bravado and self-promotion are as much an art as the music itself. _antiquarian_ isn’t trying to have a relationship with you. Instead, he’s poured himself into something and walked away, confident that you (the audience) will have a meaningful experience with it.

You can read the rest HERE.


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