We Take Polaroids – EP Review


Sometimes the sad kids dance. Where proto-hipsters look to bands like LCD Soundsystem, front man Mark Baker offers We Take Polaroids, a dark alternative that calls back to the 1980s. The band combines electronica, house, goth, and (at times) a touch of classical piano. While a strong influence is  drawn from Peter Gabriel, We Take Polaroids takes enough creative chances to make something new and interesting. Their soon-to-be released EP, You Are Brutal, is a shadowy love letter to dancing in the dark.

The album art is worth mentioning. It’s a flash of red overlaying a close up of a face painted like a skull. Much like We Take Polaroids’ sound, the image evokes a feeling of technology inspired goth culture. Sure, the artwork doesn’t matter as much when you’re listening to the music it represents, but when that artwork so thoughtfully represents its music, then it becomes largely impressive. Baker has done a lot to develop We Take Polaroids, and You Are Brutal is indicative of that.

You can read the rest of the review, and hear the album, here. 


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