Mr. WI$E – Narrative Mixing


I’ve started writing for a great indie-review site called WordKrapht. I highly recommend you check them out. Here’s a snippet of the first review I’ve published on their site. 

American DJ Brett Wise is known for pumping loud bass-heavy tracks into the back rooms of dive-bars across the Tennessee valley, performing with a finely tuned bombast that exists far above the party-etiquette of his surroundings.  That’s why it’s surprising —or maybe not surprising —that his most recent mix First Movement, Landcapitalizes on the quieter arts of subtlety and under-statement. It’s an affecting collection of sounds and recordings, evoking the lost melancholy of childhood in a way that’s as intimate as it is distant.

Wise avoids making something obvious by mixing ambient scuffs in between the larger movements of “Land.” There are conversations that work in tandem with a radio tuning, wind chimes that overlay long sustaining piano notes, the sounds of a hospital that bleeds into the sound of heavy traffic. It feels like poetry.

If you’d like to read the rest of my review, or hear some of Brett’s music, you can do so here.


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