Sextape Comedy



Celebrity sex tapes are funny because, in many ways, they follow the rules of comedy. They’re unexpected, strange, intimate-made-public artifacts that are used for their exact opposite purpose. That’s funny, right? It’s this kind of socio-economic punch line that everyone is obsessed with. Sure, the average up-right citizen wouldn’t admit to watching a celebrity sex tape, but we’re all interested when one is uncovered.

Because famous people do weird sex stuff.

Maybe that’s why I’ve been stuck on a new Brooklyn-based comedy group by the name Sextape. It’s clever, right? Well I think it’s clever.

Screen Shot 2013-01-08 at 10.31.39 PM

There are only three members in the group, Hans Kulla-Mader, Chelsea Catalanotto, and Tim Velsor, and they’re all production assistants at SNL. I think they’re a good example of comedy’s second wave, influenced by an even mix of classic and alternative acts. It’s obvious that they’re fans of Tim and Eric , and the tone of their sketches often feel like a Louis C.K. set. Though, I think what I most enjoy about Sextape is that they’re young, not just as actual people but as comedians also.

I’ve watched all of Sextape’s sketches, and they’ve all made me laugh. They’re clever and over the top and just the right amount of cartoonish. Here’s my favorite, it’s called “I Love You, Period.”

Sure, their timing isn’t exact and some beats move a pace too fast or a pace too slow, but I don’t think that’s anything to worry about. Sextape has a lot of potential, an impressive amount considering they’ve only been producing for a few months. There’s a reason they call comedy a “craft,” and that’s because it takes a long-ass time to perfect. I think Sextape is well on their way.

Like I said, my favorite thing about them is that they’re young. Remember the Lonely Island’s Just 2 Guyz? It’s funny, but mostly in retrospect. That group has gone on to produce some of the best comedy in recent memory, including SNL’s innovative “Digital Shorts.”

I think that many of Sextape’s sketches are as good as the early Lonely Island stuff, we’re just lacking the perspective of Andy Samberg’s rise to fame, if that makes sense. This group has a lot of talent and a lot to learn, and that’s exciting. I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re writing for SNL in the next few years. At the very least, they are making something that they love because they want to. That’s an increasingly rare thing, and it’s something to respect.

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