YouTube Rewind 2012


YouTube released a video earlier today that is, weirdly, very touching. It’s a rewind of the most viral videos that were uploaded in 2012, cut with brand new footage, featuring several YouTube stars. It’s kind of amazing to see Psy, Felicia Day, FreddieW, Epic Rap Battles, Drunk Kitchen, and even Felix Baumgarter all mashed up.

The Internet is weird, strange place. With the dark corners of Reddit and 4Chan looming over us like a dark, tentacley shadow, it’s nice to know that the most popular, most supported, and most viewed content is mostly silly. And hey, I think that’s alright, I think it’s sincere. I think making dancey mash-ups is worth it, I think they have value. Think about the last time you were dancing and singing and there was a guy dressed up like Master Chief  Where you sad in that moment? No. You were happy.


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