SNL – G.O.B. Tampons


I love SNL. I’m also terrified of Republicans. In fact, this was the first election I’ve ever participated in actively, mainly because I was terrified of what might happen to women if old, sexists Republicans took office. I mean, the whole country would’ve become Arizona. Who wants that?

As an example of perfect satire, SNL included the following parody in an episode leading up to the election. Now, I know I’m a little late on writing about this, but I came across it earlier today and feel like it’s still a relevant argument. President Obama is in office, but there are still old white men who are trying to tell women, across the board, what to do with their vaginas.This should horrify all of us.

Anyways, here’s the clip. It’s very funny, very clever, very sharp. It’s a perfect example of SNL’s relevance and quality.

I believe in SNL.


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