A Short Film From College: Zombies Episode 3, part 1


Continuing with the series of short films I’ve been posting this week, here’s episode 3 of Zombies. Because of YouTube’s then relevant length restrictions, we had to split episode 3 into two parts.

This was, by far, the grossest episode to film. To open, we see Butch and Ace eating McDonald’s. My character, Ace, is eating a “Quarter Mac,” which was a sandwich invented by Ace.  Basically, it was a quarter pounder in the middle of a Big Mac. The problem was that we forgot to mention the backstory of the sandwich in the filming of this episode. What does that mean? I ate Quarter Mac. I put one of those in my body, and it didn’t even matter.

Sure, that wasn’t so bad, but at the end of the episode…well…we eat a man. Here, watch this:

See? His intestines were a mixture of relish, ramen, and the fake blood mixture we had brewed the night prior. It was not an appealing taste, as noticed by the puking in the goof reel. I hope you learned something about yourself.


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