Neil Patrick Harris Dreams of Puppets


This video came out a few weeks ago, from the good people at College Humor, in response to  Washington, Main, and Maryland approving gay marriage. The response of the video is, specifically, targeted at those states that have kept marriage between a man and a woman, aka the rest of America. Even with these recent victories, the gay community still has a lot to fight for.

The fact that gay rights is still an issue is absurd. While the conservative grip on this country’s laws is slipping, their ideas are still prevalent among many voters. It’s upsetting.

Wether or not you approve of gay marriage on an ethical or moral level, it is an objectively right to approve it in legal status. The state should not pass laws that affect the marital status of any group based on sexual preference. I mean, furries can marry. Let that one sink in. A furry man and a furry woman, people who’s sexual preference includes dressing up in mascot outfits, can legally marry. Now, I’m not trying to pass judgement on or make fun of furries (even IF I’m like, wtf?), but what I’m trying to point out is that the legal reasoning behind a federal ban on gay marriage is absurd. Because furries can marry. Come on, America.

Well Anyways

I wanted to write this post on a recent Funny or Die sketch, where straight women respond to the above video (and the parody videos that came after). The problem was, I couldn’t get a functioning embed code uploaded to my blog. It’s funny, actually it’s really funny. What made me want to write about it, however, was the thought I had while watching it. The video basically describes straight women’s negative reaction to the portrayal of straight women in the before-mentioned sketches.

You see, we all have something to be made fun for. That’s part of the beauty behind being human, right? None of us are perfect, so none of us can claim to be perfect and, in short, that’s perfect. Let’s all just stop pointing out the flaws in others and start marrying (consensually) whomever we please.

So, here’s a video of Neil Patrick Harris’ new Nerdist series. How can you be cool and not be pro this guy?

P.S. I’m kind of scared of posting this blog, I won’t lie. But it’s what I really believe. So, suck it.


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