Alex Cross 2: Madea Special Ops

The most recent Saturday Night Live was kind of a surprise. Now, I’m an advocate for the show, and I always enjoy watching it. Everyone seems to have their favorite cast, but for me the show has been perpetually entertaining. In fact, I think it’s kind of an important mainstay in our culture. Not many things have the staying power that SNL has, and few cast spots are coveted so deeply. I mean, SNL means something, you guys.

Jamie Foxx was the guest, a veteran of sketch comedy himself, and it was one of the more entertaining episodes I’ve seen in while. My favorite bit was a parody of Tyler Perry’s recent attempt at Alex Cross, a character made famous on film by Morgan Freeman. I’ve heard the movie was pretty atrocious, due in no small part to Perry’s inability to distance himself from the infamous “Madea” films. There’s a lot to be said here for culture, specifically the way Black America connects to comedy. I’m not going to say any of those things, however, because I’m the whitest of the nerds. Just watch the video.


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