A Short History of the GIF

It’s no secret that I love GIFs. I think they’re one of the most entertaining things about the Internet. The culture surrounding GIFs is unique, due in part to their user-generated nature. There’s this sense of humor involved in GIFs that makes them highly entertaining, I think, it must have something to do with a looping’s effect on comedic timing.

Well, anyways, the good people at Laughing Squid posted A Short History of the GIF earlier today. Much like it’s subject, the video is a short-form media. It’s really fun, and certainly worth a watch.

Now that you know all about GIFs, take a moment to check out lulinternet.com. It’s a site by the hyper-talented an ultra-Internet’d Lacey Micallef. She makes some of the weirdest, most clever, and all around seizure inducing GIFs on the Internet.


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