Magic The Gathering – Custom Tokens

I often spend my lunches writing, but on those rare occasions that I unplug, I play Magic with some coworkers. There’s a nerd renaissance going on, cool kids are returning to the obscure interest of their youth, confident enough now to brush off any negative reaction from their peers. Call me a nerd, that’s not a title I’m ashamed of.

In the game of Magic, you can often generate “token” creatures. To represent that creature in a game, you generally put out a token card or just lay a normal Magic card face down. I know, super cool right? If any ladies are interested I’ll be giving away free make-outs later.

Anyway, one of my coworkers/friends asked me to draw a series of token cards for a new deck he’s been working on. Keep in mind, he asked me to make those cards as grotesque as possible (so they’re pretty great).

If you haven’t played Magic before, do your best to keep an open mind. It’s a fun and engaging pass time, and nothing but the hippest of the hip are willing to play it. Exhibit A:


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