David Bowie + Bing Crosby (and Will Ferrel + John c. Riley)

One of my favorite things about Christmas is that it gives you the opportunity to look at some very specific moments in culture. The Christmas tradition hasn’t really changed, we still sing the same songs and drink the same drinks and eat the same foods. It creates this intimate connection with the past, because we celebrate the same today what was celebrated decades prior. What’s interesting is that this seems to point out some blaring cultural differences, or at the least, oddities.

Ok, so it doesn’t seem that weird. In fact, it’s pretty endearing. But take a look at this shot for shot remake, featuring Will Ferrel and John C. Riley  produced by Funny or Die.

It’s great. I don’t care what counter argument you might have, this is great. You’re wrong. This is objectively perfect.

I’m excited for Christmas, and all the weird holiday things that come along with it. I hope everyone is having a great Monday, and that these videos make it a little greater.


Dave P


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