No Shave November – The End

NovemberNo Shave November is over, and it’s so so awesome. I am going to be honest: I hate having a “beard.” It’s so gross. Sweat gets trapped in there and just sort of marinates, along with food and flaked skin and tooth past and JESUS CHRIST I hate having a beard. Ladies?

The Winner 

Joey Shook has pledged the most money (way to go joe). He has until midnight tonight to present to me his design for my newly trimmed “beard.”

The Results

All things considered, the family will be receiving $650 for christmas. The money that has already come in is on the way to the mother. I want to say THANK YOU to everyone who sponsored my beard. I know it’s a silly thing, and I know my beard is super ugly, but it’s going to help a family in need to have a really great Christmas. They will get the first check on Monday and it’s going to be a complete surprise. Exciting, right? Right.

If you’d still like to donate money to this single parent family, you’re more than welcome. I mean, who doesn’t love giving their money away at Christmas? Just shoot me an email at


Dave P


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