I Need New York, Unique New York (Day One)

I sat next to a girl my age on the flight from Knoxville to Atlanta. She had red hair and wore a long skirt, which I found odd, even more so with her head cover. I thought she might be a Mennonite but she had an iPhone. Can Mennonite’s use phones? Can they fly? She opened a letter as soon as we took off, read it, and then tried not to cry.

New York is cold. We explored the Rockaway, which has been destroyed. More than one house is off it’s foundation.We drove by mile long gas lines, no one had power, everything was dark. It was like a zombie movie with no zombies. I sat next to a 16 year old who is the son of someone on the trip, he’s at that odd stage where he’s old enough to know some things but young enough to think he knows everything. He’s a good kid, a nerd, a celebrity on Giffboom, and an honest-to-god Justin Beiber impersonator. He was surprised that I knew what Mincraft is, because I”m 26 and so old. I’ll probably punch him later.

A house with a tree on it.

Then there was Pizza in Time square, cooked in a coal oven. I’m no pizza aficionado, but I always had New York pizza on some fictional pedestal, like eating it would be this revelation. It was ok, sure, but it didn’t live up to that fictional idea that existed only in my mind.

We went to the first hotel and our reservations were mixed up. The second’s prices were gouged because of Hurricane Sandy. The third had only queen sized beds, one of which I am sharing with my uncle right now. Coming from the hotel’s roof is a strong bass, the release party for Skyfall. Daniel Craig is there. For a moment I thought about sneaking up, but I’m dressed for manual labor and currently observing “No Shave November.” The tuxedos and cocktail dresses terrify me.

But the view is pretty great.


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