No Shave November – An Update

Last week was the start of “No Shave November,” the holiday where men celebrate being lazy. Well, I’ve dedicated myself to not shaving for the entire month, and so far I’m off to a good start. For those of you who aren’t friends with me on Facebook, here’s an update of what my face looks like (as of today, November 7 2012).

Day 7 – The Man Comes Around

Why I’m Doing It 

My family isn’t buying gifts for this year’s Christmas. Instead, we’re giving all the money we would have spent on each other to a family in need. I’ve decided to chip in a minimum of $500, though I’d like to see that number double. If you’re interested in sponsoring me for “No Shave November,” just shoot me an email listing the amount you’d like to pledge.

So far I have 3 very generous sponsors.

Now, this is a pledge drive, which means if I shave AT ALL during November, you aren’t obligated to donate anything. To help document, I am going to take a picture of myself every day and, on December 1, I’ll post a gallery of what will surely be the sexiest pictures you have ever seen.

A Note on The Family 

The family is a single mother with three young children. The father is, as of recent events, no longer in the picture, leaving behind his family with almost no resources. Now, they have no idea that we’re planning to do this, so it should be a good surprise. We’re hoping to give them enough money to pay their bills, buy some Christmas presents and, hopefully, find some relief. While the money we give them won’t be life changing, it’s enough to help them survive.

If you’d like to sponsor my no shave challenge, please send me an email at DPEMBE01 at GMAIL dot COM. ALl you have to do is give me your name and the amount you’d like to pledge, I’ll take care of the rest.


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