No Shave November – A Fundraiser

Researching the history of “No Shave November” can be super annoying. From what I understand, it’s a time of year where men refuse to shave and, as a result, raise money for certain charitable organizations.

Last night (October 31), I shaved my side burns off. I haven’t been side-burnless for over five years now, and I’ve got to say that it feels pretty weird. I’ve done this, of course, as preparation for “No Shave November.” That’s right, from November 1 through November 30, a razor shall not touch my face. At least, I hope not.

A note on the charity I’m sponsoring: My family isn’t buying gifts for this year’s Christmas. Instead, we’re giving all the money we would have spent on each other to a family in need. I’ve decided to chip in a minimum of $500, though I’d like to see that number double. If you’re interested in sponsoring me for “No Shave November,” just shoot me an email listing the amount you’d like to pledge.

Now, this is a pledge drive, which means if I shave AT ALL during November, you aren’t obligated to donate anything. To help document, I am going to take a picture of myself every day and, on December 1, I’ll post a gallery of what will surely be the sexiest pictures you have ever seen. To start, here’s day one…

Day 1: The Baby


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