Reel Old School – DVD Release

I drew a poster for a screening of Reel Old School a few weeks back. It’s a documentary that focuses on the recording industry, specifically the tension between analog and digital recording. I was also fortunate enough to help with the branding (mostly colors and fonts) for the DVD packaging of the film.

The filmmakers, John Cotton and Brady Effler.

It really is an impressive work. I appreciate that the filmmakers were unbiased int heir approach, successfully showing both sides of the  analog/digital debate. As hipsters, we often lean toward the vinyl experience and as such have are inclined to argue the prominence of analog. However, after watching this documentary, I think I’ve decided that digital recording just makes the most sense.

It’s interesting that Cotton and Effler were able to present such unbiased views that the average audience member can take away their own message after viewing. In my opinion, that’s great storytelling.

With opinions from Steve Albini, Chris Walla, Bill VornDick, Claire Lynch, Derek Webb, and many indie artist, “Reel Old School” is a music nerd’s dream. Do yourself a favor and order a copy of the DVD today, it’s sure to be a collectors item when the documentary is nationally released.


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