MySpace is Bringing Sexy Back

MySpace, the old Internet standard that brought so many of us young, savvy kids off the playground and into the Internet, has returned. In all sincerity, the newly designed platform is impressive. Taking a cue from popular trends, the new MySpace draws inspiration from Pinterest while capitalizing on the heavy music element that first made the social network popular. It’s sleek, it’s appealing, and more importantly, it’s seductive.

Let’s consider Justin Timberlake. He started his career in the queerly popular N*SYNC before rising, like a suit wearing Phoenix, from the ashes of his lame, lame band. Of course he’d buy MySpace. Why? Because he saw a younger version of himself. He saw a permed and bleached haircut in a pair of oversized overalls and he said “I can make that sexy.”

And it’s sexy.

While MySpace is, for now, the best looking option to take on Facebook, I still have a hard time believing that it’ll win. My argument here is the same I made at the advent of Google+. Facebook is already winning, it’s already got everyone’s attention and, despite what the majority of Facebook related Facebook statuses would have you believe, everyone is comfortable with Facebook. Never, and I mean never, underestimate the complacency of a comfortable user.

Sexy backs?

Despite MySpace’s instant visual appeal, it’s an almost impossible task to migrate the gargantuan user base of Facebook to a new platform. Look at those social media assets that have proven longstanding since Facebook’s rise to power. LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, and Twitter are all social assets that offer something different than Facebook. They succeed because they offer a unique product.

If anything, MySpace will have a strong chance thanks to it’s musical integration, the aspect that makes it different.. That’s a problem Facebook has yet to solve, though I assume they’ll come out with something very soon to combat it. Zuckerberg likes being on top and, while he isn’t as good at singing or dancing, he sure knows how to build an empire.


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