Vintage Dave P: The Marvelous Moustache Factory

Finishing up my unofficial week of memories is an illustration I made as a submission to a Phil McAndrew contest. I still love this sketch. 

Recently, the great Phil McAndrew held a contest requesting entries of fantastic and unbelievable beards or mustaches.

Phil asked readers to “draw a picture of someone with a beard or mustache…I won’t simply be picking the most attractive drawing. I want everyone to have a shot at this. I’m going to be looking for creativity! I want to see some TOTALLY WILD beards and mustaches! Make me laugh! Make me fall out of my chair in awe of the facial hair you’ve dreamed up!”

After reading this announcement on Phil’s blog, I drew out a quick picture of King Neptune:

To my amazment, ol’ Neptune was selected as one of two honorable mentions. To see all the other entries, please go here. They’re totally awesome.

There are some really great illustrations and I encourage you to look at all of them, if you love beards that is. If you don’t, then please go die.


Dave P

P.S. Phil’s blog can be found here. I highly suggest following it. Great illustrations, great watercolors, great mustaches.


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