Nerd Blog: Nerdist

This is the first nerd blog I ever wrote. I think it shows in the writing that I was just beginning to find my voice. I’ll say, I’m equal parts proud and embarrassed by this one, even if it IS about a fantastic podcasts. 

Good podcasts have this way of connecting to one another. I first heard Chris Hardwick’s sweet, sweet voice while playing an episode of Doug Loves Movies. He sounds familiar, I thought, as images of Attack of the Show flashed in my head. I realized, I know this man. I know Chris Hardwick.

At the end of his ride on the Lenard Maltin Game, Chris mentioned his own podcast: Nerdist. “Holy shit, I follow that podcast on twitter.” The Internet is a crazy messed up place.

Chris Hardwick is a big, big nerd.

The Nerdist Podcast regularly includes Chris, Matt Mira, and Jonah Ray, usually talking to some famous guest that we can all geek over. This is a fairly common format among bored celebrities: famous person A asks famous person B to come and talk about famous-person-thing  X. However, what sets Nerdist apart is the simple fact that Chris Hardwick isn’t bored. Rather, he is engaging and candid, the conversations are organic and natural but still captivating and hilarious. It’s that feeling you get when you listen to two close friends riff, even though you aren’t a contributor of the conversation, you feel like you’re a part of it.

They’re not always the most relevant or sought after persons, but they’re always pivotal characters in Nerd culture. Chris brings you in, sits you down, and introduces you someone you’ve always wanted to meet. Chris Hardwick loves these people, just as much as we do. Maybe that’s where this surprising sense of intimacy comes from. The audience hears a conversation with Nathan Fillion or Stan Lee, but more importantly we leave the podcast feeling like we’ve had the conversations ourselves. How could you not be addicted to something like that?

Chris frequently invites comics he’s worked with during his rise to the middle, and in those instances they share old war stories from the early days of getting up on stage. If anything, hearing these bits of the Ballad of Hardwick can make us all a little more hopeful. Work hard and get what you want, be it a career in comedy or a thinner waist line. In short: Chris Hardwick is motivating as hell.


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