Nerd Blog: My Brother, My Brother, and Me.

This is one of my first Nerd Blogs. It’s about a podcast that I’ve been a fan of for years called “My Brother, My Brother, and Me.” It’s genuinely hilarious. Check it. 

“My Brother, My Brother and Me” is an advice show hosted by three brothers: Justin, Travis and Griffin McElroy. For all practical reasons, the podcast is listed as a comedy. The brother’s take questions through various formats and generally respond to such queries with coy quips. However, the thing that makes MBMBaM a completely worthwhile listen is that, if you aren’t being an ass about it, you might actually learn something.

A drawing I made for MBMBaM, based on a righteous goof

Though the McElroys aren’t experts, they seem to have a fairly unique and practical view of how the world should work. It’s a rarity that a question is answered without someone being ridiculed, but these jokes are always made with good intentions. There is a warmth in MBMBaM, sometimes hidden under foul language and dick jokes or covered up by Justin’s infectious laugh, but if you listen long enough (and I mean really listen), you’ll realize that the McElroys love you. They genuinely, whole heartidly, love you. When you need help, they do what any good friend should. They help you find your way while laughing. This podcast is impressively witty and undeniably poignant.

They are often asked about the many complexities of interpersonal relationships in the various arenas in which people interact. Perhaps my favorite response, one that I’ve attempted to apply, is that you have to get interested in other people. By being interested in other people, you are going to become more interesting. It’s simple and easy and it works, and I actually  believe that I’m better at relating to other’s because of it. That’s right, MBMBaM made me a better person.

Though, sometimes they answer these questions by simply suggestion that you pack your bags and move away. Take it all with a grain of salt, I suppose.

MBMBaM has quickly grown in popularity, and recently joined the MaxFun network. If you’re interested, you can always find them on iTunes, or stream any episode through their website. If you’d like to get involved, submit a question, any question, to @MBMBaM (and make sure to use #MBMBaM when doing so).


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