The Green Door Trading Co.

It’s hard to find a marketer who understands social media, because it’s hard to find a marketer who understands that social media is different. The relationship between product and advertisement, and advertisement and audience — in traditional advertising — is similar to creative writing. An author crafts a piece, the audience reads the piece, both interact with the text but neither interacts with each other.

The key difference in social media is that author, copy, and audience all interact together, and even more impressively, they do so simultaneously. That’s the structure that makes it so exciting, that makes it new, that makes it conversational.

Like I said, it’s hard to find a marketer who understands social media. That’s why it’s so impressive when I find a business that utilizes social media marketing effectively.

The Green Door Trading Co.

The Green Door Trading Co. is a vintage and hand-crafted boutique, specializing in recycling, revintaging, and reusing  unique goods. I’ve been to the store and it’s fantastic, they’re unlike any other retailer in Chattanooga. In fact, social media aside, The Green Door already has a leg up in marketing, because they have a quality product.

Sure, maybe I’m a bit biased, but I am absolutely in love with the vintage comic book aesthetic that The Green Door has developed. For the aging nerd, they do a fantastic job of combining classic comic images with more adult practicalities. A Spider-Man themed cigar box, an X-Men styled side table, a Super Man labeled globe, hundreds of vintage items repurposed for grown-up nerds looking to nest. It’s fantastic.

But anyways…

What makes The Green Door Trading Co. really interesting is their preternatural approach to social media marketing. I first became privy when my friend and coworker, Ryan, asked my opinion on one of The Green Door’s daily Facebook polls.

It’s pretty simple. Every day, The Green Door post a picture of two comic book characters and then asks which would win in a fight. It’s so fantastically engaging, because it speaks to their core audience and it’s easy to engage with. All you do is comment on the picture with your vote for the winner.

Sure, sometimes the match ups are a little ridiculous. I mean, The Beast vs. Galactus? Galactus eats worlds, The Beast is a blue cat-gorilla.But it doesn’t really matter, because the end game is engagement, and the match ups proposed by The Green Door encourage engagement perfectly. While the fights my often be slanted, they also cross between DC and Marvel characters. It’s something that nerds talk about passionately, and The Green Door gives them a public forum to do so.

That’s marketing gold.

A traditional marketer may look at this campaign as silly, guaranteeing a small return on investment. That’s because these super hero match ups do not sell any product, not directly. However, social media is more about indirect marketing than it is direct marketing, and for someone who has been an advertiser in a traditional landscape, that’s terrifying.

But this campaign is creating a conversation, it’s creating engagement, it’s producing brand ambassadors and brand loyalty. It’s an active move in creating word of mouth. It makes people interested in The Green Door as a brand and, as such, it sells that brand.

It doesn’t hurt that their Facebook page is sprinkled with beautiful images of their products…

The Green Door Trading Co. has successful social media marketing, not because their advertising experts, but because they understand the importance of being conversational.

The Green Door Trading Co. is located at 816 Georgia Ave., Chattanooga, TN, open Monday – Thursday, 11am to 6pm, Friday from 11am to 11pm and Saturday from 12pm to 2pm. They also have an Etsy store, which you can find here. Check them out, buy their stuff, they’re awesome.


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