Nerd Blog:


The “Nerd Blog” is my time to completely nerd out over any Internet thing that I might otherwise lack the opportunity to gush over.

I love the Internet. It’s an endless library of stuff—a place where anyone can produce anything for any reason. Naturally, this results in an immense amount of subpar content. However, it also creates a precedent where things are made because someone wants to make them. These projects are almost exclusively fueled by passion. They are the gems, and the things that I nerd out about. is the passion project of film reviewer Alex Billington. What I love most about this site is summed up in their mission statement:


Billington isn’t interested in artistically deconstructing films on a high level so much as he is concerned with giving the average reader a valuable look at movies. isn’t pretentious. It’s completely genuine. It’s a site for people who love going to the movies. Just take a look at Billington’s top ten favorite films:


This list isn’t made to impress. It’s honest and genuine and, in my opinion, validating of’s  position as a credible film review site. Who wouldn’t trust a list that includes “Raiders of the Lost Ark”? Billington runs this site out of love and it shows.

I love because loves movies.

The website is simply designed, a rolling blog with clean cut edges and expertly used white space. Information is easy to find and consume, and I love that. I visit a lot of websites in a given day, and few are built with such a keen eye to readability.


Content is updated frequently and is consistently accessible. The updates and movie reviews come not from film critics or unqualified snobs, but instead from “a creative collaboration of individuals who are above all dedicated and passionate towards movies.”

Honestly, if you love to nerd out about movies as much as I do, is the last website you will ever need.


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