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The “Nerd Blog” is my time to completely nerd out over any Internet thing that I might otherwise lack the opportunity to gush over.

I want to be transparent. I am a comic book nerd. Is that a surprise to anyone? I should hope not. I’ve been thinking about comics a lot recently, ever since The Avengers completely obliterated the box office. Marvel studios played it right by putting this project in the hands of seasoned nerd-auteur Joss Whedon. I’ll skip over my feelings for Buffy and Firefly and go straight to praising Whedon’s run on The Astonishing X-men, which may contain the most exciting arc in comics since Chris Claremont’s Dark Phoenix Saga.

Well, Anyways…

I’m a busy guy. Between work and life, I’ve very little time to keep up with what’s going on in comics. However, I still like to stay connected as much as possible, even if I only read one comic a week. For those comics that I don’t read, I turn to

Let’s Talk About Design 

I talked a lot in my last Nerd Blog about how appealing the design and layout of is.  I think many of the same things can be said for ComicsAlliance. It’s a simple design, very sharp, very elegant and somewhat understated. More so, it’s easy to read and navigate. Each specific post offers custom buttons to promote through social media, and the left header of the site offers buttons that navigate to every ComicsAlliance social media asset. I think that’s important.

I visit a lot of websites. A lot of websites. If the information I’m looking for isn’t easily findable, or if I have to click through more than two links to get anywhere, I’m upset. ComicsAlliance in a completely enjoyable experience, even if you aren’t hungry for the nerd culture they cater to.

Let’s Talk About Content

Yes, ComicsAlliance is full of comic reviews, rumors and updates. That’s what initially drew me to the site in the first place. However, what makes ComicsAlliance so great is that they include content that covers the entire spectrum of nerd culture. And I’m all about culture.

With regular posts on art, movies and opinion, ComicsAlliance delivers the entire nerd experience. More than that, it makes comics feel cool. I can go to their site and, unlike in high school, partake in a community of accepting nerds. Honestly, it’s great.

For Nerds, By Nerds 

At the heart of ComicsAlliance is a team of nerd-centric editors. They genuinely care about their subject and are motivated by a deep love of nerd culture. I think this is important in any artistic endeavor, that the creator be completely in love with the creation. That’s why I don’t write about math.

image of editors

 Oh, what’s that? The editor in chief is a girl? That’s right. A girl. Her name is Laura Hudson, and she’s great. I’m a big fan of the way she writes about comics and runs ComicsAlliance. I even follow her on twitter.

If you’d like the jump into the wonderful world of comics, check out ComicsAlliance, if for nothing else but as an example of how a quality website should operate.


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