Articles From Work: Coca Cola, Now Selling Joy

I bought a Coca-Cola yesterday. Sure, that might not seem like a noteworthy event, but you have to consider that I haven’t bought a Coke in about 5 years.

I lost about 90 pounds when I was in college, partially because I stopped drinking soft drinks. Ever since, I’ve done my best to stay away from products like Coca-Cola because, I mean, losing 90 pounds is a big deal.

So, what is it that convinced me to imbibe the popular soda after almost half a decade? It’s all because of this wildly effective commercial:

I know, right? It’s fantastic, but there’s one thing missing. It doesn’t sell Coca-Cola. From a marketing standpoint, that’s pretty wild. Pitching a commercial to a brand — a commercial that they will have to pay for, that doesn’t solicit a monetary conversion — is completely insane.

Why it Works

But that’s why I bought a Coca-Cola after 5 years, because it’s insane. Coca-Cola isn’t selling refreshment, relaxation, or even their own product. Instead, they are marketing positivity and joy. It’s genius.

The most successful marketing efforts are those that reach an audience on a deep level, more so than what a product can do. The best commercials communicate what a product represents. Coca-Cola represents happiness and goodwill, and who doesn’t want to buy that?


I completely forgive the 10 teaspoons of sugar and 194 calories. Happiness is worth it.

 David Pemberton, Editor, Social Media + PR, AREA203 Digital; follow… @Dave_Your_Fave


5 thoughts on “Articles From Work: Coca Cola, Now Selling Joy

  1. I totally did this in university during a marketing class that examined why Coca-Cola was such a game changer.

    During the break, I went straight down to the vending machine and enjoyed my first Coca-Cola in years. Something about Pepsi is not quite as satisfying.

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