Dave P Says Relax – A Presentation

Here’s the next in a series of micro presentations I’ve made for work. This week, I share my views on the importance of relaxation.

In three minutes, I quickly argued that relaxation is an important step in the creative process and integral to being productive. I proposed this idea with the first two slides. On slide three I explained that studies show that our brain zones out for a reason, because we need to zone out. On slide four I explained that the brain needs to relax because it’s a muscle and, much like our arms or our legs, rest is as much a part of strength training as is strenuous activity. I ended my argument on slide five by explaining that, if we accept that rest is needed, then we can conclude that relaxation is a skill that should to be cultivated in order to improve the way our mind works.

Basically, relaxation is productive.

Slide six gave 3 quick points on how to use relaxation as an advantage.

After presenting, I believe that I’d replace text with illustration. While I enjoy the aesthetic of the plain tex over compelling color, I found that the audience was distracted in trying to read the quotes instead of listening to me.

I was competing with my presentation, and that’s never a good thing.


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