We Brave Kids – An Update

Things have been going will with we brave kids. The kids have been sharing memories & stories, along with creative ways to tell those stories. I’m getting excited about what we’ll all produce and I plan to start writing drafts of my sections soon. As an update, here’s a look at the proposal I’ve drafted for the project. Once the kids have the chance to edit and approve, I’ll start working on a production schedule. I don’t really plan on there being any hard and fast dates, but I do want to have some kind of a procedure in place for taking in and editing materials.


We all perform some kind of art. Some of us write stories, some of us take photos, and some of us make flowerpots out of plastic dinosaurs. “We Brave Kids” will be a collection of these arts, created by our community, pieced together to tell a story, a novel written by its characters.


Every person that submits to “We Brave Kids” is welcome to explore whatever theme or plot or aesthetic they’d like, however, I will try and piece these things together in a way that follows a common theme. What that theme is will likely be determined by what is submitted, though I expect a common thread will be easy to find.

All of our lives have been, at some point, difficult. We’ve managed to get through because we’ve allowed our friends to become families; we’ve taken care of each other. I think that means something.


There is none. There will be an ending event: Patrick and Rachelle’s wedding. Consider it to be an anchor, the thing that keeps all the other stories in orbit.


 Because this will be a collection of art pieces made by several different contributors, putting them together in a way that tells one story will be innately difficult. Once I’ve put everything in order (or as close to it as I can), I will likely come back and ask certain artist to create vignettes to connect where connecting may be needed.



Everyone has veto rights. There are a lot of messy stories in Cleveland, stories that many people might not want to explore artistically. This project is a positive one, and it will stay positive.

Like I said, the kids have already been coming up with some great ideas. Here are a few.

And, of course, Breakfast the Lunchtime Way.

Photo by Laura-Marie Miller-Souther, native of Cleveland-Athens

I’m excited to see what comes next. Expect another update once submission ideas and drafts start rolling in. As always, stay bave kids!



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