We Brave Kids – An Open Letter To Cleveland

This is the letter I wrote to those involved with “We Brave Kids.” It explains what the project is and what it will become. 


I have an idea for a project, I believe I drunkenly detailed it to a few of you earlier this week. For those of you lucky enough to have avoided that conversation, I’ll detail the project here.

We’re all artist, in one way or another, and we all have some connection to Cleveland. I want us to do something together, and that’s “We Brave Kids,” a novel written by it’s characters.

It will be a collection of stories from each of us, set in Cleveland and taking place from 2011 – 2012. The idea is that there will be a cohesive plot, a beginning, a middle and an end, built out of whatever contributions each of us make.

Now, we’re not all prose writers. Some of us write poetry, write film reviews, take pictures, make origami cranes or post-apocalyptic t-shirts. I think all of that can be used, because when it’s all put together it can tell a story.

What do you think about this? Is it a good idea, would you be interested in working on it? Do you have any suggestions or aversions? Tell me what you think, tell me everything.

I’ll be posting updates on this project as they develop. Most of the projects I showcase on Boy Android are professional, however this will be one of the few creative projects I maintain.


Dave P


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