Diary of a Social Media Editor

I wrote a series of webcomics for my current agency’s blog. I’ve decided to repost my favorites here. Remember when Facebook changed to Timeline and everyone freaked out? 

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As a leading social media platform, Facebook is known for staying on top due to constant innovation that increases user engagement and improves user experience. With this innovation comes an impressive amount of updates, API changes and layout redesigns. For most of us, this is awesome. For those of us who earn a living by managing social media assets, however, these changes can, at times, create a certain level of stress. When Facebook updated brand pages to timeline, for example, this meant a complete restructuring of image design and layout, a shift in strategy, and an update of engagement protocol. In other words: more work.

Personally, I love the new layout. AREA203‘s new Facebook page looks great, the content is streamlined and the design is fresh. I couldn’t be happier. Change is good, chaos is good. These forces breed improvement. However, change can sometimes be difficult to accept.

In all seriousness, I love Facebook Timeline (even though extra work, on occasion, makes me grumpy).

This week’s issue is guest starring Lead Social Media Strategist @SocMatt .

 David Pemberton, Editor, Social Media + PR, AREA203 Digital; follow… @Dave_Your_Fave


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